The German-Dutch graphics fair in Borken


Every year, the German-Dutch graphic arts fair in Borken invites visitors on a journey through the graphic art of the two neighboring countries. For over 30 years, the fair has been one of the best marketplaces for graphics of all styles in Münsterland and far beyond.


For the organizers, the city, and the Borken district it is of special concern through this art event to provide an overview of the current graphic art scene both on the German and Dutch sides.


 In addition to current work, "old" graphics, art books, catalogs, photography and mixed media are always offered. A lively exchange between professional artists, students, autodidacts and an enthusiastic audience from Germany and the Netherlands form the special profile of the graphic arts fair. Conversations between visitors and exhibitors are not only very much desired, but also stimulate interest in art, networking, and of course: acquisition. The creative exchange among the artists promotes mutual inspiration.