A museum is not just an exhibition - the exhibits themselves are just as important as the content they show. For this reason, the kult offers a variety of educational services for young and old.


Media guide through the permanent exhibition

Original media clips with experts, background stories, and in-depth information about the exhibition are provided by the media guide with its audio guide for the whole family. Devices can be borrowed for a fee of one euro and a deposit in the form of your identity card at the cash Register.

Exhibit brochure for the permanent exhibition

Anyone who would like to learn more about individual objects, their history, and their thematic classification in the subject of borders should take a look at the exhibit brochure, which is made available to all visitors free of charge at the box office. Boasting more than 100 pages, the brochure details the exhibition's background, giving a deeper understanding while enjoying the exhibition. The brochure is also a great guide for those who wish to learn more afterwards at home about what they experienced in the Museum.