Every three years, in cooperation with the Sparkassenstiftung for the Borken district, the scientific institute issues the 2,500 euro Jodocus-Hermann-Nünning-Preis.
The prize is intended to promote scientific work on the regional studies of Westmünsterland and is aimed primarily at young and technically outstanding scientists. Unpublished works from the fields of archeology, geography, history, art history, literature and linguistics as well as ethnology or interdisciplinary studies can be awarded the prize. You can submit exam papers, dissertations, postdoctoral lectures or other scientific papers that are not older than five years.
The prize money of 2,500 euros will be awarded by the nomination of the scientific commission of the advisory council of the kult as a total sum for a larger work or as partial amounts for several smaller works. The works honored with the Jodocus Hermann Nünning Prize will be, if possible, published in the series of the "kult".